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📙 Core Web Programming by Fionn Murtagh — pdf free

Every Web developer needs to understand three core technologies: HTML 4, Java 2/J2EE, and JavaScript. Now, you can learn them all in one book: Core Web Programming, Second Edition, the ultimate Web development resource for experienced programmers! Writing for experienced programmers, Marty Hall begins with detailed, practical coverage of HTML 4 -- from the fundamentals to Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML, and beyond. Next, Hall shows programmers how to use Java as the base language for Web programming, and integrate other key technologies as needed. Along the way, Hall presents Web-focused coverage of Swing, Java threads, I/O, network programming on both clients and servers, HTTP, servlets, JavaServer Pages, and the latest version of JavaScript -- everything you need to know to build the most effective Web applications possible.

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